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How To Save Electric Energy?


We cannot live without electricity today. Our everyday works need electric and we become useless if we have power cuts for some time in our home or offices. We spent the electric energy extravagantly and at the end of the month we have to pay the bill blindly and we do so. This excess use of electricity does not only spend extra energy and money but also the environment. But we can manage to save electric energy very easily by our experienced electrician in Sunshine Coast, and following some simple tips, and that will be also helpful for the environment to go green.


Use solar energy – An effective way by which you can reduce your electric bill is to installing solar panels into your house. Solar energy is a kind of energy produced by the sun. Solar energy is used by people from very long time.

In this system the energy of sun rays converted into electricity energy and the solar panels are engineered in such a way so that we can use the best of the sun rays. The plate which consumes the sun light does not need heavy light, it got charged even in cloudy days.

Proper use of lights: don’t use that high voltage bulb. Instead use LED lamps. LED lamps save a huge amount in your electricity bill. Use table or tasking lights instead of ceiling lights. Use the natural light. Try to do your maximum work at the day time. Sun light is not only energy saver but also it is also good for your body and for the environment.

Save water: another most wasted thing in our house is water. Try to minimize your bathing time by 1 minute daily. This will help to minimize your electric bill in a long term. Turn off the water taps while brushing your teeth, shaving or while washing hands. Check your pipe lines regularly if there is any leak or something you can notice try to repair that as soon as possible. If the hot water tap is leaking then that is wasting water and energy at the same time. So as soon as you notice that turn off the valve so that no water will drop till it will turn on.

Unplug unused instruments: the F.M radio which no one ever listen, chargers, T.V. if any of them are turned on un-necessarily then turn them off. These little things can make a huge difference in your electric bill, annually. 

Recycle or donate old electronics: don’t use old electronic machines. Old T.V., old computer desktop, old water heater etc. the old version products consumes more electric power.

Wash full or not: try to wash in full run into the washing machine instead of daily washing. Skip washing if the machine does not full.



Start Saving Energy At Home Today

With the increasing technology and population fuel and energy is being used a lot. With time there’s a big probability that it will be over leaving mankind no options. For this, scientists have come up with new devices and ways to save energy. Simply, you can start this at home too. It will not only save energy but also in many circumstances save money. Here’s how you can do so.

Lighting your home in the proper way

Have you heard of CFL bulbs? They save a lot of energy than the normal ones. When you are building your home or replacing bulbs you can use them. It’s not that expensive but it will help you save a lot of money from your electricity bill. At least you can fix them in the places where you use lighting system a lot for an example your kitchen, room and living room. There are companies which undertake recycling bulbs as well. Another way of saving energy at home when it comes to lighting systems is the use of solar lights specially made for outdoor lighting. Likewise, you can also search for more options to reduce your bills and save energy. Switch off unwanted lights when you don’t use them. Whenever you charge your electric devices try to use a multiple extension to charge them all at once.

Get more fresh air into your home

Open all your doors and windows to get more natural air to your home. By this you can turn off your AC and ceiling fans or at least reduce the amount of using them. When you are using the AC remember to close all doors and windows so you can trap the air inside your home better. Especially on summer days you can use shades, blinds and curtains to obstruct sun light coming to your living room since it will make the interior steamy. Just like you use ceiling fans and AC at home you need to clean them as well to prevent accumulating dust and dirt which can slower its performance.

Other house activities

With a solar panel installation you can easily reduce your electricity bill, a great alternative used by many people and hotels. Some of these uses are water heaters, hot water showers, cooling systems like fans, batter charging and cooking.

The solar panel installation is quite costly but it’s worth the money and you need to maintain it well to get good results. As for cooking with solar energy is amazingly easy. You need to buy a solar oven instead of the normal one. Also you can use this natural source for lighting your home too. Not only indoor lighting but also outdoor lighting is also possible.

When you do your washing using the washing machine it’s best to wash all clothes at once instead of washing them several times. It’s same when you do your ironing too. The energy consumption of these machines when you use them several times is high.