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What Are The Main Renewable Energy Sources?


It seems like the time to finally start the transition from fossil fuel energy source to renewable energy sources has finally come. At the current rate of consumption, it is quite likely that we may run out of easily accessible fossil fuels in the Earth’s crust. This, along with the way fossil fuel usage has polluted our environment, is why a lot of money has been invested in research to find cleaner, renewable energy sources.

Renewable energy sources nowadays are used in quite a lot of different ways, from generating electricity to even powering pool heat pumps Brisbane. Here is a list of the most common and widely used renewable energy sources:

• Hydropower – Unlike most other renewable energy sources, hydropower has actually been used for quite a long time to generate electricity. Hydropower relies on the potential energy of water stored high up in water reservoirs and dams, which is then converted to kinetic energy when water is made to flow downwards, and finally to electric energy by spinning turbines using the flow of water by the trusted industry service provider. A problem associated with hydroelectricity is that it requires a large area of land to be used to store up water, an impossible task in densely populated areas and urban settlements. 

• Solar Energy – One very clean form of energy, solar power can be absorbed by using photovoltaic cells, stored and then converted to various other forms of energy depending on what is required. Solar power is now becoming popular as an alternative way to generate electricity (which is known as solar electricity). Solar power can also be used for heating purposes, such as in water heaters or home heating systems.

• Wind Power – Wind power is just what it means: converting the wind’s kinetic energy into other forms of useful energy. Wind energy can only be harvested efficiently in areas that receive a lot of wind annually, which makes it an unlikely proposition for certain geographical locations. Nevertheless, wind farms, consisting of large groups of wind turbines built nearby to each other, are a very effective way to generate electricity without pollution: even the land beneath the wind farm can be used for other purposes (like agriculture).

• Geothermal Power – Geothermal power is not a very common energy source due to very special circumstances that need to be there for it to have any value as an energy source. In certain parts of the earth’s crust, it is possible to observe a very steep change in the temperature gradient at a particular depth. This very steep temperature gradient can be used to heat water, hence turning it into steam. Steam can finally be used to turn turbines, generating electricity.