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Types Of Non-Renewable Energy

Many people are aware of what an power crisis is even though it is becoming a huge problem in the world. Many problems and negative effects humans do to nature is done through ignorance. Furthermore, many issues are yet to be resolved as people are not aware of the current world situations. An power crisis is a lack of resources in the environment to supply electricity. Power crisis usually occurs due to the shortage of non-renewable resources. These power sources are called non-renewable sources for a reason. They cannot be re-used and would run out eventually. There are many types of non-renewable power. Fossil fuel is the most known type of power under this category of power. If you do not have an idea what these types of resources are the following will give you some information.

Fossil fuels

As you may know, fossils are the remainders of living beings such as humans, animals and even plants which existed a million of years ago. If your country has these sources, you are indeed very lucky but what you need to understand is that the more you use them the more you are prone to a huge energy crisis if your country is fully dependent on these non-renewable power sources. You need to make sure that you have invested on a 5kw solar system or a similar type of energy source which is renewable in order to avoid a crisis.

Crude Oil/Petroleum

This is a sub category under fossil fuel and crude oil is a popular example for non-renewable energy and is found in abundance in countries like Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries. Most of these oil compounds are hidden far beneath the surface of earth and the ground needs to be drilled in order for us to extract crude oil and take them to refineries to be made into petroleum. Oil pits if found can produce oil for only about 30 years or less. This shows that there is a need for leading type of renewable energy and investments should be made on solar panels or similar energy types.


Fossil fuel is one of the main and leading type of non-renewable power and gas is also a sub category that falls under fossil power. Gas is also found underground. Methane is the most popular type of natural gas that is found beneath reservoirs. As petroleum, you need to dig the ground to make use of these sources and for this activity you need to use hydraulic power. Therefore, the above are some of the most famous types of non-renewable power types which falls under the fossil fuel category.