Tips For Becoming A Solar Panels Installer


Installing solar panels requires a special set of skills. More importantly, the installer has to go through the right type and quality of training. With the proper credentials, the installer shall be able to set himself apart from his competitors and win the trust of all his clients. With the proper training, certifications and experience, the installer shall be able to install different types of hybrid solar systems. This shall put him in a much better place and increase the possibility of enjoying a sold career in the installation of such systems. One does not just become an installer, but has to be a recipient of proper training in addition to fulfilling other requirements. 

The installer has to be 18 years old and above. It would be impossible for any person to work as an installer before reaching 18 years. It would be important to check the course requirements put in place by various colleges and training institutions. The training institutions have their own set of policies regarding the requirements that each applicant for admission has to fulfill. Some of the courses run on full-time basis. Other courses run on part-time basis. The other alternative for somebody interested in being a certified installer would be to attend any of the 5-day courses and meet the other requirements as well, including the right age and basic education. 

Some of the lessons that such a person would need to learn include Working Safely with PV Systems, the Inspector Guideline for Photovoltaic Systems, Electrical Safety, Photovoltaic Power Systems, Stand-Alone PV Systems, and many others. This means that he should take keen interest in the prospectus of the colleges he would like to study about installation of the PV systems. The candidate must prepare adequately to sit the exams that shall make him eligible for certification. To do this, the applicant has to demonstrate that he has met at least one of the requirements as outlined by the certifying body. 

The applicant has to pass the entry-level exam, before he can start dreaming about a successful career in solar panels installation. He can register for such an exam through his entry-level course. He could also do his registration through any of the testing centers available locally. After obtaining the certification that gives him the rights to work as an installer, the trainee now has to undergo constant training. This is very important as the requirements keep changing. The installer can only retain his skills and ensure that his standards do not drop if he works hard to install a specific number of systems, such as solar hot water systems, per year.

In summary, any person who desires to work by installing solar energy systems that providing power to your home and it should be aged 18 years and above. A person younger than 18 years would be ineligible to work as an installer. The budding installer has to meet the educational and training requirements to be eligible to work in this industry. He has to take and pass all the requisite courses, especially the most fundamental to his trade. He has to take and pass all the entry-level and subsequent exams to obtain the certification needed to work as an installer. He has to keep updating his education and training while installing a set number of solar energy systems each year.