Tips For Decorating Your Home With Corporate Embellishments

Getting rid of cumbersome electronic equipment in order to pare down the number of electronics in use as well as to reduce the amount of electricity consumed is most likely a priority in a modern commercial or office space. Efficient minimalism can be easily achieved if you also possess the right tools and have a proper idea of the type of modernity that you’re aiming for. If you are enamored of the style of the modern office, there are ways that you can imitate and replicate this in your own home as well. Here are a few ideas to embrace that elusive office chic without making your home look too much like a corporate environment.

No-frills lighting fixtures

If you want your lighting fixtures to blend seamlessly into the environment and to do away with dust gathering shades and other extraneous equipment, you can always buy led panel lights and install them on your walls.

If you do buy led flood lights as a minimalistic space saving measure, you will be able to give an industrial style appearance to whichever space that you decide to install these lights in. In addition to saving energy, you will also be able to enjoy a steadier, more reliable glow that is unencumbered by a shade. Since these are panel lights, you can attach them to any wall at any height without fear of bumping into a protruding installment.

Invest in chrome furniture

The stereotypical impression of offices and industrial places is an image of sleek, chrome furniture. Although this might now have achieved a retro gloss, you could try this out for an alternative minimalistic style. If this doesn’t quite work for you, you could always check out the led panel lights in Australia that they have on Mad Men, and go for a full retro vibe.

Stick to white

In order to imitate the sterile and bright environment that is the common impression of an industrial or office space, make sure that your colors are muted and bright. While it might be too much of a risk to invest in a pure white theme, there are ways to make white-on-white work, if you accent it with off-whites.

Make your workplace into a decorative cubicle

For instant thematic recognition, you could convert your homey workplace into a partitioned cubicle. However, this does not have to mean that it becomes an unattractive box without any personality. Once the basic structures of a partition and suitably office-like desk are in place, you could decorate it with cheeky nods to your favorite television office, The Office.